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D-Mad Devil is a fully independent artist with no label, managers, or agents, and there are just ME and YOU when any of my new music and stuff coming. So if you enjoy what I release, please help me out with the following ways.


Giving thumbs up to my YouTube videos (music videos, audio stream videos, etc) will help the algorithm to recommend more to others who have not watched the videos. This will basically be part of great support for me out.


Leaving your comments on my YouTube videos will also help push them in the algorithm, same as giving a thumbs up. But the algorithm will be further helped by commented in addition to getting the thumbs up.


Saving my songs that you like to your libraries on the streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) will help push my songs to their algorithmic playlists such as Release Rader, Discover Weekly, etc. So that my songs will reach others who haven't heard my songs but loves the same genre as mine!


The detailed way depends on the platform. On Spotify, you can save the songs to your libraries by hitting a heart icon or Like on the option.


And please do not forget to follow me on the platforms. If you followed me on Spotify, you would be able to receive the notification on email/Release Rader when my new music released.


Same as saving to your libraries. But if your playlists had some songs by other artists with the same genres as mine (such as metalcore & post-hardcore), it will help MORE than saving them to your libraries.


I put my artist playlist on my profile of Spotify. This playlist contains the songs of which genres I am sure are so similar to mine. So if you follow and keep streaming the playlist, it will help push my songs to the algorithms more and more! Here's the link to the playlist.

If you know someone who would like my songs, please share them. And if they liked, please encourage them helping me out with the ways above.

Join my free email notification list

This is how we can keep closer. You can get updates ahead official announcements, be the first to hear new music & receive my standalone single 'Giving It Everything' for FREE.

Click here if  the registration banner is not displayed below.

I would really appreciate it if you could do any of these ways!


I highly recommend the free support ways above because they can be great support for me out and at the same time I think they're NOT time/money consuming for you. It should be happy for both of us!

However, of course you can also support me by purchasing the songs on downloading platforms (iTunes, Amazon, etc) and I would do appreciate it if you did it as well!

Here's the PayPal.Me link in case you'd like to support me with donation / you were more used to this way.



Give YouTube videos a thumbs up (FREE WAY)

Leave comments on YouTube videos (FREE WAY)

Save the songs you like to your libraries (FREE WAY)

Add the songs you like to your playlists (FREE WAY)

Stream my artist playlist on Spotify (FREE WAY)

Share my songs with your friends

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