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D-Mad Devil is a solo music project by an artist Daichi based out of Osaka (Japan) since 2018, which has its roots based in beloved early 2010's metalcore & post-hardcore.

Daichi started writing a metalcore song just with some midi VST plugins on his computer in June of 2018. He uploaded some demo tracks on YouTube in the name "D-Mad Devil". After that, he kept writing more songs with early 2010's post-hardcore style and uploading them. The songs got good feedback around his small Twitter followers.

In May of 2019, Daichi wanted to take his music to the next level. He decided to hit Christian Grey (a vocalist of Villain of the Story) who he looked up to as an artist to feature the vocals on Daichi's song. Daichi had a song designed for featuring Christian's vocals on some parts written, and sent him the demo. Then Christian rated the song as "diamond in the rough" and offered not only the vocal feature, also co-writing the song with Daichi. This was Daichi's first opportunity to work with a professional artist. He worked with Lee Albrecht (a guitarist of Hollow Front) for mixing and mastering the song so that he would make it done properly. On September 28th, he released a single "Giving It Everything (feat. Christian Grey)" on all major music platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and decided beginning his journey as an actual solo artist.


In November of 2019, Daichi started working on his debut EP (6 songs) as his new project, and worked on co-writing the first song of the EP with Christian again. The co-write was deeper than the last single and Daichi learned more about writing music from Christian. Then Daichi hit Kuan Chang Chiu of Strong Tones Studio based in Taiwan for mixing and mastering the song so that he would get more unique soundings, and decided to hire him for the production of the EP as well. On April 3rd 2020, he released the first song "Holding On" off the EP as a single, and the song got more reaction than ever before. After that, from spring 2020 to early 2021, he kept working on writing the rest songs of the EP with Christian.

Although the schedules had got pushed back due to the pandemic many times, the long awaited debut EP was finally completed on spring 2021. The EP named "One With the Darkness" was released 4th June.

In 2022, Daichi begun working on his new album project. As with the debut EP, he worked on writing the songs with Christian Grey, but he worked with new producers from Will Carlson Audio for the production. In the end of 2022, he released a brand new single 'Wither' as his new chapter, which got highly rated response ever and was featured on one of Spotify's biggest official metal playlists 'All New Metal'.

In 2023, Daichi received a label interest and signed with the record label 'Theoria Records' (A Scent Like Wolves, ENMY, Softspoken, etc.) and released a new single 'Who I Am (feat. Christian Grey)' alongside the signing announcement. The song and music video made Daichi & Christian's deeper collaboration ever happen.

The new songs for his debut album is currently being worked.

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